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What is the meaning of galbanum in Hindi?

Meaning of galbanum in Hindi is :

Definition of word galbanum

  • A bitter, aromatic resin or gum, extracted from plants of the genus Ferula, that resembles assafoetida and has been used in incense and in aromatherapy (noun)

Examples of word galbanum

  • The cypress and the galbanum bring a subtle woody note.
  • One eau de toilette from the line, Pucci's Sole 149, features the distinctive aroma of tomato leaves, galbanum, jasmine and other botanicals. $59 at www. sephora.com.
  • I like galbanum, green, etc. ...but I haven't given up.
  • Maybe it was easy for me to love because I was expecting supreme strangeness, a galbanum slap, and then I got warm forest instead.
  • That's what it was like to sniff Silences, from the sharp but already layered opening through the dark green first layer and on into the galbanum earth to the very smooth remnants of extreme dry down.


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