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What is the meaning of gainful in Hindi?

Meaning of gainful in Hindi is : लाभप्रद

Definition of word gainful

  • Contrary. (adjective)

Examples of word gainful

  • The term gainful employment, has been in the statute for over 40 years, and during the most recent reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, there was no debate or discussion about a need to further define the term.
  • I am currently in gainful employment as a consultant on this project.
  • I ` m not too chuffed that Jackie is still in gainful employment since the recent revelations about Damian Green etc, something which didn ` t seem to get a mention on the BBC tonight.
  • If they're useless but keep large numbers of outreach workers in gainful employment - they'll love them, call for more, and work assiduously at propagating a myth of 'success'.
  • Two or three days a week seems to be as much as the Detroit worker feels necessary to be involved in gainful employment.
  • We can see the extent to which women have become free for new responsibilities by the fact that the number of women in gainful occupations in Canada multiplied almost five times in the half-century from 1901 to 1951.