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What is the meaning of furtive in Hindi?

Meaning of furtive in Hindi is : लुके छिपे

Definition of word furtive

  • stealthy (adjective)
  • Exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy. (adjective)

Examples of word furtive

  • She must have heard my steps on the wood stairs, because by the time I walked through the door, she was sitting on the floor near the bed, looking at me with an expression of furtive innocence.
  • Every now and then, a sister slid grey and furtive from the side gate to hand over coins to buy not acarajé but a pink-and-white striped bag bulging with peeled chunks of sugar cane.
  • Re-search Department at the Foreign Office, and engaged in furtive adulteries.
  • While the relationship was private, it can hardly be called furtive or clandestine.
  • He bristled now, recalling their furtive trysts in the woods.


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