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What is the meaning of fungi in Hindi?

Meaning of fungi in Hindi is :

Definition of word fungi

  • A plural of fungus. (noun)

Examples of word fungi

  • He points out that in hunter-gatherer societies, gathering edible plants and fungi is traditionally done by women.
  • Certain fungi propagate in such a way as to produce clearly defined rings of fruit, as opposed to a more haphazard growing habit.
  • Interestingly, the melanin in fungi is no different chemically from the melanin in our skin, leading Casadevall to speculate that melanin could be providing energy to skin cells.
  • Until now, melanin's biological role in fungi – if any – had been a mystery.
  • The kingdom of the fungi is large, wide, and diverse, but as mycophagists our view of the fungi is very narrow and limited.

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