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What is the meaning of fuck in Hindi?

Meaning of fuck in Hindi is : हमबिस्तर होना

Definition of word fuck

  • To have sexual intercourse, to copulate. (verb)
  • To insert one’s penis, a dildo or other phallic object, into a specified orifice or cleft. (verb)
  • To put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation. (verb)
  • To break; to destroy. (verb)
  • To defraud. (verb)
  • To play with; to tinker. (verb)
  • Used to express great displeasure with someone or something. (verb)
  • To lose care for, to forget, to disregard, to no longer regard as important. (verb)
  • An act of sexual intercourse. (noun)
  • A sexual partner, especially a casual one. (noun)
  • A highly contemptible person. (noun)
  • A thing of no value, a small amount. (noun)
  • Expressing dismay or discontent. (interjection)
  • Used as an intensifier for the words "yes" and "no". (adverb)

Examples of word fuck

  • Even though I was a freshman in high school, I had never heard anyone say the word fuck in a movie before.
  • When I was littleabout seven, I guessI remember getting in the car with my mother when she picked me up from school and telling her that Id seen the word fuck written on the handball court at the playground and I wanted to know what it meant.
  • The word fuck suggests suction and/or and/or flatulence.
  • FUCK*: Adding the word fuck among friends can help any insult.
  • It does seem a tad sensationalized, and how the fuck is there two endings????


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