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What is the meaning of fruity in Hindi?

Meaning of fruity in Hindi is : भरपूर

Definition of word fruity

  • containing fruit or fruit flavoring (adjective)

Examples of word fruity

  • The nose, rather than being overtly fruity, is dominated by summery floral aromas with other scents of lime zest, minerals, ginger and something almost almond-like.
  • Among liquors, whiskey and gin are masculine and vodka and anything fruity is feminine.
  • In my view, people who eat chocolate-covered candy should have little trouble understanding certain fruity wine and chocolate pairings, but it always has to do with the individual pairing.
  • These are wines that are often priced for daily drinking, have great acidity for with food and are just plain fruity and delicious.
  • He also makes old-world pastries such as Sacher torte, napoleons, spritz cookies, florentiners (one of which he eats for breakfast every morning) and something he calls fruity nutties -- cookies he makes with the candied fruit, nut and marzipan mixture for his stollen.
  • Sit at one of the long wooden tables and choose from dishes with typical Basque ingredients such as cod and sheep's cheese, washed down with a choice of cider: fruity from the French side of the border, drier from Spain.
  • Chance is officially classified as a fruity chypre, and while it shares some similarities with Coco Mademoiselle, it fails to have any connection whatsoever with any true Chypre family member.
  • Miss Dior Cherie is now the “New Chypre”, classified as a fruity chypre, this time strawberries, paired with the less than agreeable combination of patchouli and caramel popocorn.