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What is the meaning of friggin in Hindi?

Meaning of friggin in Hindi is :

Definition of word friggin

  • Alternative spelling of frigging. (adjective)

Examples of word friggin

  • October 17, 2007 at 4: 24 pm not excited at all, let star wars die, let biggy die, let tupac die, just let it rest in friggin peace.
  • SO if you truly want 4 more years of Recession than go vote for the "REPUBLICAN" but dont blame Hillary or Barack because you were too dumb to get past your bigot ways in friggin 2008!!
  • He's tried three times to win a majority and has not succeeded, even when he called the friggin election himself.
  • Even against the Dion Liberals - which I think we can agree would have been Harper's best shot, so good a shot that he called the friggin election himself!
  • waaah... waaah... waaah! somebody call the friggin' frigtard waaaaaaahmbulance. sheezus.


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