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What is the meaning of frequency in Hindi?

Meaning of frequency in Hindi is : बारम्बारता

Definition of word frequency

  • The rate of occurrence of anything; the relationship between incidence and time period. (noun)
    कुछ भी होने की दर; घटना और समय अवधि के बीच संबंध।

Examples of word frequency

  • We kid about the frequency of Jerome's missives due to .... well, the ** frequency** of his letters. "max stanfield wrote on Apr 23, 2009 11: 09 AM:
  • As we will discuss in Part IV of this book, the word “Spirit” is used generically here and can be likened to the word frequency in physics—it conceptually refers to a wide spectrum of possible spiritual frequencies of energy that potentially can have an effect in the world.
  • What i have done in my master thesis was the term frequency of categories words for a thread in a mailing list.
  • An even better approach the one used by search engines is to take the term frequency and multiply it by something that captures the rarity of a word.
  • Light of a certain frequency is absorbed and this gives a colour to the crystal or solution.