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What is the meaning of freeing in Hindi?

Meaning of freeing in Hindi is :

Definition of word freeing

  • Present participle of free. (verb)

Examples of word freeing

  • Bush and his team of crooks were not interested in "freeing" Iraq, they were interested in the oil.
  • Many people know this part of the story but fail to realize the irony of God choosing Moses to do such a tremendous task in freeing the Israelites and disseminating such an important message.
  • I, for one, proudly look at the actions of our past President and military for their roles in freeing these people.
  • Unfortunately, much remains to be done in freeing water, spectrum, and land from inefficient government controls.
  • In contrast, the new liturgical movement as led by Benedict XVI is encouraging the widest possible distribution of the documents of Vatican II, and evangelizes on their behalf, and believes in freeing the classical usage of the Roman Rite so that everyone can have access to our tradition and grow to love it and embrace it as our own.
  • Begin freeing the conversation by asking your characters open ended questions and trusting that the first response your inner voice emits – is the authentic one.
  • All I know is Che and Fidel asissted Amilcar Cabral in freeing Cape Verde and Guine Bissau from Portuguese rule as well as ending facism in Portugal. serval on Feb 3, 2009
  • Collaborative writing is an exercise in freeing yourself of your ego, of your preciousness.