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What is the meaning of freedom in Hindi?

Meaning of freedom in Hindi is : स्वाधीनता

Definition of word freedom

  • The state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved. (noun)
  • The lack of a specific constraint, or of constraints in general; a state of being free, unconstrained. (noun)

Examples of word freedom

    • You have been promised land and freedom, but the counter-revolution will profit by the anarchy called forth by the Bolsheviki, and will deprive you of land and freedomÂ….
    • The pivot, the medium of this construction of the personality, is working in freedom, in accordance with the natural wants of the inner life; thus _freedom in intellectual work_ is found to be the _basis of internal discipline_.
    • British hens and stags pay a heavy price for the last night of freedom• Price for hen and stag nights soars to £100.25 per person • Alcohol accounts for a third of the total spend• 1 in 10 cheat on their partner during the last night of freedomBritish hen and stag revellers are paying an average of £100.25 per person to celebrate the last night of freedom, according to a new survey published today Tuesday 17 April 2007.
    • 'freedom of the press' they consider on a par with _freedom of Colt's revolver_.
    • It has been easy for America to endorse a policy of refusing to negotiate, especially if the terrorist—I prefer the term freedom fighter—has attacked the Rome airport or taken a British national hostage in Beirut.


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