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What is the meaning of fortunate in Hindi?

Meaning of fortunate in Hindi is : सौभाग्यशाली

Definition of word fortunate

Examples of word fortunate

  • Fortunate is the nation in peril that pulls together, rather than becoming fratricidal.
  • It currently operates under the name Fortunate Finds on Main Street.
  • Each year, the IRS releases information on the so-called Fortunate 400, the 400 U.S. taxpayers with the highest adjusted gross income.
  • “Khálidatáni” (for Khálidát), the Eternal, as Ibn Wardi calls the Fortunate Islands, or Canaries, which owe both their modern names to the classics of Europe.
  • Fortunate, that is, to have jumped ship when he did.
  • Roughly, the Latin which is a bit advanced for me, I'm afraid, particularly without laboriously going through it bit-by-bit, so I can only approximate means, The Island of Apples, which is called Fortunate, gets its name from the fact that it produces all things of itself; the fields don't need the ploughs of farmers and there is no cultivation except what nature provides.