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What is the meaning of forsaken in Hindi?

Meaning of forsaken in Hindi is : पूर्णतया परित्यक्त

Definition of word forsaken

  • Past participle of forsake (verb)

Examples of word forsaken

  • ‘He has cast us off; he has forsaken us, ’ he faltered; ‘forsaken us; he was dull with us.
  • In the Greek text, the word forsaken literally means that Jesus felt abandoned by his Father, yet he called out to him in his pain.
  • “I have forsaken my ability to talk about this issue,” he said, and I find it hilarious that he actually used the word forsaken.
  • Some were enchanted, and others haunted; in that the furniture was yellow, which she termed a forsaken colour; and in this it was red, the reflection of which would, she said, disorder the optic system.
  • The literacy we have forsaken is not only of the elemental kind.