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What is the meaning of forgive in Hindi?

Meaning of forgive in Hindi is : मुक्ति देना

Definition of word forgive

  • To pardon, to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment. (verb)
  • To accord forgiveness. (verb)

Examples of word forgive

    • Her eyes—she knew me—she smiled—she whispered—forgive me, Curt, —forgive her—when it was I who should have said forgive me—but before I could—she—— [He falters brokenly.] 166
    • Charity came with such power that her commands actually overruled in many instances the feeble claims of Justice, so that she bade men henceforward to forgive, for example, not merely according to Justice, but according to her own Divine nature, to _forgive unto seventy times seven_, to give _good measure, heaped up and running over_, and not the bare minimum which men had merely earned.
    • When you really look at the word "forgive" it means: to stop feeling angry or resentful toward.
    • In an ancient tale from the Kaballah, God told some angels in training that the capacity to forgive is the most excellent gift in the human experience, more essential to the continuity of life than the courage to sacrifice your own life for someone else or enduring the pain of giving life.
    • To forgive is good, of course to do that he would have to admit he was wrong.


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