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What is the meaning of foregone in Hindi?

Meaning of foregone in Hindi is : पूर्वनिश्चित

Definition of word foregone

  • Past participle of forego (verb)
  • previous, former (adjective)
  • bygone (adjective)
  • inevitable, predictable (adjective)

Examples of word foregone

  • Under the base case, a BHP takeover would cost $200 million a year over a decade in foregone government revenue, or 2% of the total, and would present "minimal" risk to the province.
  • Fourth, a malpractice case is a huge risk, a massive time sink (opportunity cost in foregone billing), among many other things including the reputational hit.
  • A study in foregone conclusions -- Parliamentary elections in North Korea.
  • And don't rich people thinking of moving to Oregon consider the 9-10% in foregone sales tax when they purchase their next Mercedes or Hobey-Cat?
  • Other than that, it seemed to be a study in foregone conclusions, and the only thing worth waiting for during the half-time show was to see if the Rollings Stones had a wardrobe malfunction.


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