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What is the meaning of foppery in Hindi?

Meaning of foppery in Hindi is :

Definition of word foppery

  • The dress or actions of a fop (noun)
  • Stupidity (noun)

Examples of word foppery

  • I can tell you without a doubt … I’d allow myself to be staked out on top of a fire ant pile for three days before I’d have appeared at this sycophantic exercise in foppery, irrelevance and pathetic grandstanding!
  • The descriptions are "high-falutin" beyond all endurance, and there is particularly noticeable a kind of stylistic foppery, which is always hovering between sublimity and a giggle.
  • From a kind of foppery peculiar to himself, he wears the thick cloak of a common soldier.
  • Edmund's speech, where the word "foppery" is a special clue:
  • He was handsome, and he knew that he was handsome; but he affected to despise the beauty of his proud dark face, as he affected to despise all the brightest and most beautiful things upon earth: and yet there was a vagabondish kind of foppery in his costume that contrasted sharply with the gentlemanly dandyism of the shabby gamester sitting at the table.

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