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What is the meaning of footage in Hindi?

Meaning of footage in Hindi is : फुटेज

Definition of word footage

  • Length, extent, or amount based on measurement in feet: estimated the square footage of new office space. (noun)
  • An amount or length of film or videotape. (noun)
  • A shot or series of shots of a specified nature or subject: news footage of the royal wedding. (noun)

Examples of word footage

  • Never before performed live in its entirety by the Beatles, this footage is an exclusive opportunity to hear the complete Sgt. Pepper album performed live by Cheap Trick, bringing the band full-circle in a chilling tribute to their musical heroes.
  • Well, this footage is almost a month old, but it's my favorite so far.
  • For Cayce's worryingly brilliant employer, the footage is the most effective piece of guerilla marketing ever devised.
  • IM: Seeing myself in The Prisoner's rushes - that's what we call the footage from the previous day's filming - was a hell of a shock and kept me awake.
  • How or why would I have control over how they title footage?

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