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What is the meaning of flows in Hindi?

Meaning of flows in Hindi is :

Definition of word flows

  • Plural form of flow. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of flow. (verb)

Examples of word flows

    • "The poor quality of much of the foreign investment flows is a concern."
    • While investment-banking activity has been volatile, private banking and asset management are performing "within a range," even at times when activity from client flows is subdued, Mr. Dougan said.
    • In Question 93, Article 3, he explains that Human law has the character of law to the extent that it is in accord with right reason and, so understood, it clearly flows from the eternal law.
    • Regarding AURYN, its power flows from the Childlike Empress herself and can only be used with her permission and cannot be used against her.
    • I think this absurd result flows from the very same principle, not from a lack of consistent principle.
    • Yet to the extent that some likeness to law is preserved in this unjust law because it is ordained by the power of a lawmaker, in this respect it, too, flows from the eternal law.
    • Since then, the federal Courts have built a large fiction of “incorporation” and have adopted a paradigm that the federal RKBA flows from the 2nd amendment (i.e., when 2nd amendment is amended out of the constitution, the feds can ban the public from keeping and bearing arms).
    • And on the other side, find mechanisms which would enable some of those capital flows to be converted to long-term flows rather than short-term flows.
    • In Breather, Dethlefsen flows from the concrete to ethereal.
    • The problem that flows from the latter is that they think stating that one is gay is akin to stating that one participates in certain sexual practices with a member of the same sex — public announcements of which they find offensive.