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What is the meaning of flog in Hindi?

Meaning of flog in Hindi is : बेचना

Definition of word flog

  • To whip or scourge someone or something as punishment. (verb)
    सजा के तौर पर किसी को या किसी चीज को कोड़े मारना या मारना।

Examples of word flog

  • I'll not fight yo, but I'll flog yo -- _flog yo_ -- d 'yo hear?'
  • And the only other thing that I'm here to flog is my book, as Anna Porter says.
  • Love how you cite kos as saying the source was somewhere other than his stew of diarists, who picked something up, expanded it to something they chose to "flog" - their words, and think that's a reliable source.
  • The carnival-like grounds are comprised of booths in a flea market-like setting where proprietors in canvas tents sell merchandise, independent record labels flog their artists, and magazine publishers and non-profit orgs ply their way.
  • By heavens, I'll make him obey, or I'll -- "-- Here Mr Easy stopped before the word flog was fairly out of his mouth, --" I'll know the reason why, Dr Middleton. "
  • DigitalBulletin says Virgin has said no more than it`ll offer a million tracks, the identical standard fare the Big Four record labels flog to all their customers at exorbitant wholesale prices.
  • Or fail like the word "flog" (a fake blog for promotional purposes)?
  • Last October, a "traveling blog" featuring a couple extolling the virtues of Wal-Mart during a pilgrimage through its stores turned out to be a fake blog (or "flog"), produced by the retail giant's media corporation, the international Edelman firm.
  • He's been so lazy these last few weeks, I think I need to flog him or something does anyone use the term "flog" anymore?
  • An addendum to the above, it's a pity that the Democrats are focusing on this issue to "flog" the Republicans before the elections.