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What is the meaning of fleshly in Hindi?

Meaning of fleshly in Hindi is : शारीरिक

Definition of word fleshly

  • corporeal or bodily (adjective)
  • Carnally; sexually. (adverb)

Examples of word fleshly

    • In his occasional indulgence in what he called a fleshly frailty, (and for which he said he had a privilege,) which was in truth an attachment to strong liquors, and that in no moderate degree, his language, at other times remarkably decorous and reserved, became wild and animated.
    • But let us now subjoin -- A man who is attacked by the flesh, yet who conquers it in the conflict, is not called fleshly or carnal; but this appellation is bestowed on the man who, by yielding his consent, is brought into subjection to the flesh.
    • Genesis 11, that is, the fleshly delights that the pleasures and profits and honors of this world afford, she, forgetting the word and order of God, was content to dwell in the land of Babel.
    • All the charity we possess beyond this may be properly called fleshly charity '-- he lifted his eyes to see two of his
    • "I don't know if you can call the fleshly lusts divine," replied the thinner, looking into the eyes of the writer of the songs.
    • And so by the justification of the Spirit is removed from our faith the idea of fleshly weakness; through the manifestation of the flesh is revealed that which was secret, and in the unknown cause of that which was secret is contained the only confession, the confession of the mystery of great godliness.
    • Once your hearts were spiritually what the tables of the law were physically, tables of stone, but God has "taken away the stony heart out of your flesh, given you a heart of flesh" (fleshy, not fleshly, that is, carnal; hence it is written, "out of your flesh" that is, your carnal nature), Eze
    • Early Christians often denigrated traditional Jewish sacrificial ritual as inadequate and "fleshly" rather than spiritual, and argued that Jesus 'death had superseded it.