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What is the meaning of flaxseed in Hindi?

Meaning of flaxseed in Hindi is : जवस

Definition of word flaxseed

  • The seed of the flax plant; a source of linseed oil (noun)

Examples of word flaxseed

  • She said, originally, in 1999, her coach gave her what he described as flaxseed oil.
  • While I have low cholesteral, I just might take a nopal supplement or even Nopalinasa once I am more comfortable with what, exactly, flaxseed is and what its benefits and drawbacks are.
  • CHERNOFF: In a firm voice, Jones told the court her coach Trevor Graham first gave her a supplement he called flaxseed oil in 1999, which she said she later recognized was, in fact, a performance - enhancing drug.
  • Plant sources - such as flaxseed, which is often cited as a good source - has a form of omega 3 fatty acid called ALA.
  • Sometimes a little brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, nonfat dry milk or flaxseed is added to the mixture.


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