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What is the meaning of flapped in Hindi?

Meaning of flapped in Hindi is : उत्क्षिप्‍त

Definition of word flapped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of flap. (verb)

Examples of word flapped

  • Meanwhile, Paul's dazzling performance on both ends of the floor had the enraptured crowd on its feet, raining down chants of ` ` M-V-P! '' for their own All-Star point guard while a banner offering similar sentiments flapped from the upper deck.
  • It was painted yellow and had a yellow pennant that flapped from a short mast atop a cramped cabin.
  • Heide ... "-- the rest of the name flapped loosely in the wind.
  • It was a pale blue crewneck—you could barely even tell, except that the tag had flapped out along the curve of her neck.
  • The metal buckles had jangled and flapped, which is how the name flapper came about.


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