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What is the meaning of fizz in Hindi?

Meaning of fizz in Hindi is : ससनाहट

Definition of word fizz

  • An emission of a rapid stream of bubbles. (noun)
    बुलबुले की तीव्र धारा का उत्सर्जन।
  • To emit bubbles. (verb)
    बुलबुले उत्सर्जित करने के लिए।

Examples of word fizz

    • And very very low in fizz, which is fine with me but I suppose might bother some purists.
    • Sure it's got pacing like molasses, and some sequences would be better cut from the movie, but at its best it makes my brain fizz with speculation like no other.
    • Equally at home in café and bar environments or corporate breakout and communications areas fizz is available in a huge diversity of contemporary finishes which ensures its harmonisation with a plethora of interior design schemes.
    • Before the fizz is out of the wine drink to Robbie's good health and good luck to him, and to all our lads that have gone before.
    • It’s kind of like asking my maid for a martini and she brings me a gin fizz – I enjoy a gin fizz, it’s just not what I had my heart set on, you know?
    • “Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain’t love, tell me what is …”
    • A vaudeville with hors d’ouevres, a sloe gin fizz to a fast jazz beat, doilies but no undies - “The Wild Party” has it all.
    • The "Barr" champagne glass with a stylized head on the stem comes with a matching stirrer 1924—swizzling out the fizz was a jazzy fad in the roaring 1920s.