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What is the meaning of fitted in Hindi?

Meaning of fitted in Hindi is : सही नाप का

Definition of word fitted

  • Simple past of fit. (to tailor, change size) (verb)
  • Past participle of fit (to tailor, change size) (verb)
  • Incorporating all of the fittings into connected units. (adjective)

Examples of word fitted

  • She had dropped almost unconsciously into Gaston's mode of address for some time; it was often awkward to give him no name, and she shrank from using his own; and the title fitted him.
  • The title fitted his career, for he came like Ezra from Babylon to Palestine and like Ezra he restored the Law when it was threatened with destruction.
  • My father was one of the last dons in San Marcos County, and the title fitted him because he belonged to the generation of dons.
  • Professor, but they did not imagine how perfectly the title fitted him till he drew a long comb from his waistcoat pocket and combed his hair and beard with it above the table.
  • She was really Edith; but ever since as children they had acted the BLUEBEARD play, she had been Ann to them — Sister Ann. And the name fitted her like her own skin.


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