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What is the meaning of find in Hindi?

Meaning of find in Hindi is : हाथ लगना

Definition of word find

  • To encounter, to discover something searched for. (verb)
  • Anything that is found (usually valuable), as objects on an archeological site or a person with talent. (noun)

Examples of word find

    • PetrusTherefore, within probably 4-6 months after stepping on the major sites, Vivendi would find itself faced with an operation that it wouldn't be able to *find*, much less shut down.
    • If you use the MasterPage, the best way to find the client behavior is using the BehaviorID as the $find method's parameter:
    • The $find ( "behaviorid") is to find the SliderShow's client behavior, if you debug the script, you will find there are many useful UIs and client functions to operate it.
    • SendMessage, EM_SCROLLCARET: = 0xB7, 0, 0, Edit2, ahk_id % ControlID% offset: = pos + addToPos + Strlen (find) lastFind = % find% hits++
    • Under ´Utilities´ you will find quotations, resequencing exercises and ´find the missing word´ passages.
    • If you've created the component you're able to use $find function to find it.
    • If you find her— "He reined around to the open, where he had his choice of Reidi's attendants, and called back:" —find me at their headquarters! "
    • JAVASCRIPT to find panel function ExpandPanel () {alert ($find ( "cpUserAcess"));
    • I find a Javascript source to do that: var index = $find ( 'TabContainer1'). get_activeTabIndex (); if (index = = 0) {