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What is the meaning of ferocious in Hindi?

Meaning of ferocious in Hindi is : हिंस्त्र

Definition of word ferocious

  • Marked by extreme and violent energy. (adjective)
  • Extreme or intense. (adjective)

Examples of word ferocious

  • The point of this item is to celebrate the wit and glorious non-wisdom of Brittany S. Pearce, played by Heather Morris with a killer deadpan that this week exploded in ferocious dance and song.
  • So ferocious is the antidote to the Labour - lite problem it will leave much of their own Party behind.
  • Her own brother Theo despised cats, the Major complained when Sidhi dug in his flower beds, Duncan treated him with polite indifference, Felicity pronounced him unsanitary, and Meg lived in a bed-sit in Kilburn with a landlady she described as ferocious—no good prospects there.
  • Plumadore, a third Marine whose body was thought to have been obliterated in ferocious fighting, is buried in California -- in Berry's grave.
  • The charge which followed was resolute, and the word ferocious best describes the struggle which followed.


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