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What is the meaning of felicity in Hindi?

Meaning of felicity in Hindi is : सुख चैन

Definition of word felicity

  • Happiness. (noun)
  • Apt and pleasing style in writing, speech, etc. (noun)
  • Something that is either a source of happiness or particularly apt. (noun)
  • Reproduction of a sign with fidelity. eg. "The quotation was rendered with felicity." (noun)

Examples of word felicity

  • Look on me as your friend, dear Matilda, - be explicit - do not consider the Count or myself; speak your wishes, your hopes, and be assured that your felicity is my first wish, whatever it may cost me.
  • Holy love to God as the chief good and our felicity is the power of godliness, the very life and soul of religion, without which all external professions and performances are but a shell and carcase: now here we have some of the expressions of that love.
  • Its force, its felicity is in its reach toward the ineffable.
  • Thus, with a spirit wrapped in felicity, for victory hailed him from without, and love seemed to woo him to the dearest transports within, he wrote the following letter to Wallace: –
  • That the great are not as happy as they seem, that the external circumstances of fortune and rank do not constitute felicity, is asserted by every moralist; the historian can seldom, consistently with his dignity, pause to illustrate this truth, it is therefore to the biographer we must have recourse.


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