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What is the meaning of fateful in Hindi?

Meaning of fateful in Hindi is : विनाशक

Definition of word fateful

  • Momentous, significant, setting or sealing ones fate. (adjective)
    क्षणभंगुर, महत्वपूर्ण, सेटिंग या लोगों के भाग्य को सील करना।

Examples of word fateful

  • I also uploaded the userpic I've used here as one of my photos - as it is obviously my smouldering wicked temptress photo. * chortle chortle* Actually, that stare is something James should be familiar with, as I think I used it quite a bit during a certain fateful night in Klute.
  • Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?
  • Dad recalled the fateful day he lost his son to CNN ` s Larry King.
  • Those same names appeared again and again in the records, eventually acquiring a surname that recalled the fateful moment of their resurrection.
  • All-American called a fateful timeout his team did not have.
  • There is no need to labour this point further than to recall the fateful bisection of the culture of the European peninsula which resulted from the linguistic alienation of Constantinople from Rome; of the Mediterranean base which understood Latin, from that which thought in Greek.
  • In recalling the fateful hours of those two wonderful days and nights,
  • When she became a mother, she forgot in her joy that the life of her little one did not belong to her; nor did she recall her fateful vow until one bright spring day, when the clouds gathered and she heard the roll of the thunder, -- a sound which summoned all persons consecrated to this god to bring their offerings and to pay their vows.
  • But the coming of thrice their number could not recover what was lost, or recall the fateful past.
  • I still recall the fateful day when my mother said to me