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What is the meaning of falling in Hindi?

Meaning of falling in Hindi is : गिरता

Definition of word falling

  • Present participle of fall. (verb)
  • That falls or fall. (adjective)
    जो गिरे या गिरे।
  • The action of the verb to fall. (noun)
    गिरने की क्रिया की क्रिया।

Examples of word falling

  • Extend the exercise so as to produce with each element, and with all the various intervals, a series or succession of rising and falling intervals, thus: _rising, falling, rising, falling_, etc.
  • Maybe Lucy was right, either he was going gay or… Lucy had used the term falling in love.
  • Solid acting oddly enough, only the train falling is totally impossible (like the Viper scenes happen every day in LA) I mean the rest of the unrealism is in check with their abilities.
  • All of them absorb some of the energy and water from storm surges, which, more than the rain falling from the sky, caused the current calamity.
  • His voice seemed to die away after he pronounced my name, the word falling lower and lower as if everything he was saying were being said from the top of a deep well and I was on the very bottom.
  • Over gently undulating country, with many old gardens and watch-houses, some of great height, we reached the River Kalambo, which I know as falling into Tanganyika.
  • Singer-songwriter Christina Perri sings as Victoria twirls around on stage, doing moves that include synchronized falling to the ground whenever Christina sings the word "falling" in her lyrics.