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What is the meaning of faith in Hindi?

Meaning of faith in Hindi is : सत्य निष्ठा

Definition of word faith

  • A feeling, conviction, or belief that something is true or real, without having evidence. (noun)
    बिना सबूत के कुछ सच या वास्तविक होने की भावना, दृढ़ विश्वास या विश्वास।

Examples of word faith

  • The political instability has also undermined investors 'faith in our economy — faith we can ill-afford to lose.
  • There is more involved than simply defending the role of faith in education – and unless 'faith schools 'show a keener than average awareness of some of the issues discussed above, they will be failing in a central aspect of their duty.
  • We speak a great deal in Europe about 'faith-based' education, 'faith schools 'and so on.
  • "Turn the other cheek" is at the core of the red states 'faith, and though I guess it's buried pretty deep right now (I have a lot things buried deep in me too,) there's this concept in the Christian faith called the resurrection.
  • All of this -- the ''gut'' and ''instincts,'' the certainty and religiosity -connects to a single word, ''faith,'' and faith asserts its hold ever more on debates in this country and abroad.
  • RESTON: Yes, well, I always wished I'd had my parents 'faith, but my parents thought of death as a reward, that we were on this earth for a brief span during which we should have faith in the Lord and raise our children, and when our days were over and we had finished our work, we would be rewarded by everlasting life.
  • And though some reverend brethren are for admitting their children to baptism (and offended with me for contradicting it), yet so cannot I, nor shall I dare to do it upon any pretences of their ancestors 'faith, or of a dogmatical faith of these rebellious parents.