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What is the meaning of exultation in Hindi?

Meaning of exultation in Hindi is : हर्षोन्माद

Definition of word exultation

  • The act of exulting; lively joy at success or victory, or at any advantage gained; rapturous delight; triumph. (noun)

Examples of word exultation

  • A paw pumped the air in exultation as the red-nosed leader became swiss-cheese venison.
  • In a third he punched the air in exultation as the final curtain fell, although there was no curtain, there was no possibility of a curtain.
  • Thompson's arms and later was lifted in exultation by teammates.
  • She, too, reflecting on what she had won, said in exultation:
  • Her story is also similar to that of Sister Tissā. 108 And it was the 'Glory-verse' through which she won Arahantship that she declaimed in exultation:
  • Reflecting on her attainment, she uttered these verses in exultation:
  • But she discoursed in exultation on what both of them had said, as follows:
  • And reflecting on her victory, she broke forth in exultation:
  • At this crisis the women and followers of the Scottish camp, hearing such triumphant exclamations from their friends, impatiently quitted their station behind the hill and ran to the summit, waving their scarfs and plaids in exultation of the supposed victory.
  • Nature, like a proud conqueror, appeared to have put on a triumphal garb, in exultation of the devastation she had committed the night before.