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What is the meaning of extraordinary in Hindi?

Meaning of extraordinary in Hindi is : विशेष

Definition of word extraordinary

  • Not ordinary; exceptional; unusual; (adjective)
    साधारण नहीं है; असाधारण; असामान्य;

Examples of word extraordinary

  • If of fuch extraordinary* circumitances, and of hair-breadth efcapes, an account was to be taken in all the deilroyed towns of Calabria Ultra and Sicily, they would, as I faid before, compofe a large volume* I have only recorded a few of the moft extraordinary, and fuch as I had from the moft undoubt - ed authority.
  • I use the term extraordinary because the event was organized around the launch of the U.S. studio of the Russian news service, 'The Voice of Russia.'
  • Mr. Obama also thanked Australian troops for making what he described as extraordinary contributions in Afghanistan.
  • Saying Americans are still grieving and in shock, President Obama cited what he called extraordinary courage of people who fought to subdue the suspected gunman.