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What is the meaning of extramarital in Hindi?

Meaning of extramarital in Hindi is : विवाहेतर

Definition of word extramarital

  • Taking place outside marriage. (adjective)

Examples of word extramarital

  • In order to spice things up a bit, the wife gives her husband a “hall pass,” which allows him to engage in extramarital encounters for a whole week.
  • Pentecostals do not drink, gamble, or engage in extramarital sex; so all of that formerly illicit energy can go into either business or education.
  • Larry Craig and David Vitter — “two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity” — have named themselves as co-sponsors of S.J. Res. 43, the Marriage Protection Amendment.
  • In 1929, after approaching him for mentorship, Frida Kahlo married another Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, but while he encouraged her art, their marriage was fairly tumultuous, as both had hot tempers and engaged in extramarital affairs.
  • If [libertarians] allow that [using recreational drugs, watching pornography, engaging in extramarital sex, and so forth] might nevertheless be morally wrong, the conservative can in principle endorse the libertarian program.
  • When engaging in extramarital gay sex, do you have to wear a wetsuit?
  • Your hypocrisy is well known, campaigning for morality while engaged in extramarital affairs and demonstrating an absence of even a shred of compassion.
  • From USA Today: "To hear Premiere magazine tell it, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an uncouth boor who frequently groped women and engaged in extramarital liaisons."