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What is the meaning of exterior in Hindi?

Meaning of exterior in Hindi is : बाह्ड़ स्वरूप

Definition of word exterior

  • Relating to the outside parts or surface of something. (adjective)
  • Being from outside a country; foreign. (adjective)
  • Outdoors. (adjective)
  • The outside part, parts or surface of something. (noun)
  • Foreign lands. (noun)

Examples of word exterior

  • Posted September 9, 2009 at 3: 58 am | Permalink yes the exterior is a little overdone but the 6th shot of the interior is look nice
  • Hmm, I like the interior but the exterior is a bit … plain, stale, hard looking.
  • You will find that the exterior is absolutely breathtaking and the outdoor pool seems to fit perfectly with the shape of the building.
  • The difference in sodium concentration between the interior and the exterior is the driving force in the uptake of important nutrients necessary to the cell, e.g. glucose and amino acids.
  • Father Hecker developed a grand theological synthesis of what he called the exterior and interior mission of the Holy Spirit in the


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