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What is the meaning of extend in Hindi?

Meaning of extend in Hindi is : विस्तृत होना

Definition of word extend

  • To increase in extent. (verb)
    हद तक बढ़ाना।

Examples of word extend

  • Among the practices being examined by the SEC is one known as "extend and pretend" or "amend and pretend," in which a bank gives a borrower more time to repay a loan.
  • These chrome and refractor cards extend from the original sets in Heritage (numbers 1-100) and Topps Chrome (numbers 101-200), and these new chrome cards will be numbers 201-300.
  • The islands are part of a chain of volcanic mountains that extend from the mainland into the Gulf of Guinea known as the Cameroon Volcanic Line.
  • The tooth-like prickles extend from the tip of the snout to the end of their tail, and offer protection against minute parasites and hungry predators (when mature there are none).
  • The flexible display and slide-out keyboard extend from a bright-red base; the overall effect is decidedly dated in a fun, “emotionally appealing” way, the designers say.
  • (If you revised it, though, you would update the copyright to extend from the first time to the date of revision, such as "copyright 1999-2009.")
  • Property rights extend from the center of the earth to the sky.
  • Cut the marabou at the length you want the feather to extend from the head to the tail, cutting it towards the base of the feather and not the tip.
  • For underhanded pitching, the line should extend from the rod tip down to the lure, which should be even with the reel.