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What is the meaning of exprest in Hindi?

Meaning of exprest in Hindi is :

Definition of word exprest

Examples of word exprest

  • At last Don Quixote's end came, after he had received all the sacraments, and had in full and forcible terms exprest his detestation of books of chivalry.
  • It will be observed that the Dedication to my Boy (who is eight years old this day) contains more meaning than is there exprest.
  • Craving forgiveness for the liberty I am now taking, I have only to add, by your Grace's desire exprest in a letter to my early friend Capel Lofft Esq, that the Annual amount of the Gratuity I have recived is Fifteen Pounds.
  • Your solicitude so kindly exprest for my success and reputation, demands acknowledgments and thanks such as do not allways come readily to the nib of my pen, but lie skulking about my Heart in various shapes and colours, refusing to be brought forward but by force; and then, like many other forced fruits are apt to come, from my hand, very imperfectly and without relish.
  • For they, and they only, can say as the Poet has happily exprest it.