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What is the meaning of exploratory in Hindi?

Meaning of exploratory in Hindi is : अन्वेषणात्मक

Definition of word exploratory

  • Serving to explore or investigate (adjective)
  • An exploration or investigation (noun)

Examples of word exploratory

    • RITTER: Normally, they do what we call exploratory bites.
    • Discusses ways to meet the needs of the searcher who is engaged in exploratory search, situations "in which users need to learn, discover, and understand novel or complex topics".
    • San Diego Chargers general manager A.J. Smith kept a lower profile in exploratory discussions with six teams about a possible deal for restricted free agent running back Michael Turner.
    • But would it prepare you for the series of four scintillating novellas inside that book jacket, one about an apparently cursed Vietnam widow, one about a long-secret dorm murder, one about a failed Latin American exploratory journey turned sexual adventure, and one about a recent divorcée discovering that she is the ultimate heiress of a plantation full of lobotomized near-slaves?
    • I’ve recently realized how stupid I’ve been by not using Google Earth as my main exploratory site-search tool.


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