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What is the meaning of expire in Hindi?

Meaning of expire in Hindi is : स्वर्गवास होना

Definition of word expire

  • to die (verb)

Examples of word expire

  • Justice David Prosser, one of the four-justice unofficial conservative majority, sees his term expire this year.
  • If conflicts come up, instead of taking all the group's time to address the issues you can simply let the term expire and the group dissolve.
  • Marsh, a director since 2001, would have seen his term expire in 2012.
  • Dictator during the years of the Republic had his term expire after only a year, yet during that year no-one would argue that during that year there was no dictatorship, even though they often stepped down willingly at the end of their term.
  • Cindy Neathawk, who became vice chairwoman in 2008, will also see her term expire this year, but on Monday she asked the council to be appointed for another term.
  • But if the term expire, pending the fuit, the plaintiff fhall not recover the poffef - fion, I JO Judgment where the plaintiflf hath a verdift only for part, Hid.
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's United Progressive Alliance will see its term expire in May, and India's election rules mean that he can no longer enact any significant policies — a measure adopted to prevent incumbents from stacking the deck with populist sops.