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What is the meaning of expense in Hindi?

Meaning of expense in Hindi is : व्यय

Definition of word expense

  • A spending or consuming. Often specifically an act of disbursing or spending funds. (noun)
    एक खर्च या उपभोग। अक्सर विशेष रूप से धन के वितरण या खर्च करने का एक कार्य।
  • To charge a cost against an expense account; to bill something to the company for which one works. (verb)
    एक व्यय खाते के विरुद्ध लागत वसूल करने के लिए; उस कंपनी को कुछ बिल देना जिसके लिए कोई काम करता है।

Examples of word expense

    • On Monday, Giannoulias defended the purchase by saying the expense is a reasonable operating expense because it's used at times to market the Bright Start program, although his office could not explain how much it was used for marketing and how often it was driven by Giannoulias.
    • Mr Augustine will be keenly aware that this expense is a pittance compared to the costs of sticking with an overly ambitious requirement that is such a huge cost driver.
    • If this expense is allowed to go through, this city is going to have lot of explaining to do to taxpayers.
    • If you disagree with McCain and think Congressmen shoveling out tons of money to their friends at our expense is a good idea then say so.
    • You want to choose a mutual fund that has a low, what they call expense ratio.
    • WILLIS: Well, if you want to know what fees the fund charges, look for what they call the expense ratio.
    • The first to acquiesce in the arrangement to pay a part of their term expense by working at the academy during the vacation were some boys, who had not learned to work; and it seemed impossible for them to conceal the fact that they did not want to work.
    • An "expense" is something that is a charge on the income statement that ceteris paribus reduces the company's net income and net worth on its balance sheet.
    • We do not need to know what he said in his off moments (most of his moments were off though) but for a trusted aide to write a book at his expense, is pretty awful.
    • Oh, so we can keep paying more for healthcare and that expense is OK .... this guy (R) is talking about how people dont really want this bla bla, blurring lines between healthcare and debts but has he spoken to the Americans who want healthcare reform??