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What is the meaning of exist in Hindi?

Meaning of exist in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word exist

  • to be; have existence; have being or reality (verb)
    होने वाला; अस्तित्व है; अस्तित्व या वास्तविकता है

Examples of word exist

  • And I again repeat solemnly Palacký's word that _Austria may exist only so long as her nations wish for it_, and that _she will cease to exist_ as soon as her nations do not want her to exist.
  • Evolution, seeking to be consistent, answers: "It is true that faculties cannot be evolved out of a thing unless they exist in a crude and undeveloped state in that thing, but these higher faculties _do exist_ in the lower orders, potentially, or in a germ form and are developed and become operative only in the higher forms of life."
  • Form is superior to matter, because it needs the latter only to be seen but can exist by itself though not seen; whereas matter cannot _exist_ without form.
  • For example, the proposition _All devils are ugly_ need not imply that any such things as 'devils' really exist; but it certainly does imply that _Devils that are not ugly do not exist_.
  • I need a ruling on this matter from Ruth Anne -- did the term exist before I used it?
  • The inspired editor, if such still exist, is hemmed in by all the corporate requirements.
  • The only way in which a shortage has existed, or ever will exist, is in cases where the “going price” has been held below the market-clearing price.
  • The only God who can be proven to exist is the God of the Bible, which is why I'm sticking with Him.
  • Mark – The reason of why the SCOTUS exist is to be the highest judicial body in the USA, and if they have to 'meddle in people's lives' to do and be what they are meant to, so be it.
  • Now the mayor investigated, but won't comment, the professor backed down because he lied, one of the good cops that African American's say don't exist is being harassed, and Obama wants too settle it with a beer too protect his friend.