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What is the meaning of exhilaration in Hindi?

Meaning of exhilaration in Hindi is : हर्षोल्लास

Definition of word exhilaration

  • The act of enlivening the spirits; the act of making glad or cheerful; a gladdening. (noun)

Examples of word exhilaration

  • Infinite was moved within Himself, and shone and coruscated in that circle, from the centre outward and again to the centre: and that commotion we term exhilaration; and from that exhilaration, variously divided within Himself, was generated the potency of determining the fashioning of the letters.
  • Pure exhilaration is in woefully short supply at the movies.
  • You have to admire the joy of one of the four men soaring through the familiar "little swans" variation from "Swan Lake," his smile beaming to the balconies, wide-mouthed in exhilaration and -- in contrast to his colleagues, who were shooting him well-timed disapproving looks -- luxuriating like a little boy in the sheer thrill of flying through space.
  • But, for all that, there was a certain exhilaration about her.
  • As with other great conductors this young maestro senses, seizes on and communicates every scintilla of its pastoral joy, lugubrious shtetl memory, piquant nostalgia and sky-touching exhilaration, which is not to say that he slights delicacy or subtlety.
  • On the second, Larry Hughes lofted the ball high for James, who soared, jammed it in, then came down screaming for several seconds in exhilaration.
  • In a recent article, he recalled the exhilaration of shooting someone as a teenager, and being intoxicated by the rush of living out the I fe he'd seen on screen in "The Godfather."
  • First exhilaration occurs when a young scientist compares alternative ideas or models with observations and discovers how something works.
  • The only thing I would confess to is what Winston Churchill, who was an early master of our craft, described as the exhilaration of being shot at without result.