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What is the meaning of exemple in Hindi?

Meaning of exemple in Hindi is :

Definition of word exemple

Examples of word exemple

  • Nous pouvons nous souvenir que déjà depuis quelques jours, par exemple nous avions eu vent de plaintes de brouillage sur Radio Mada.
  • MrTandja tu aurais du donner le bon exemple a tes freres acrochards de pouvoir.
  • Yelena do you hang out with Rob to say that is arrogant, and there are far more interresting things about Rob, is Work for exemple; as an actor and as muscian, because he is a great musician to.
  • I want to talk to my gad: Thank you gad for give me a good Mother, I put practice all exemple she give when I was little kids, I remenber all history talk to me and my little sisthers. wherever Mom you are, I never forget, I love you for ever.
  • Enfin, la télévision pourrait passer quelques spots de publicité pendant la prise de décision, ce qui financerait par exemple des caméras vidéo supplémentaires.
  • (Not picking on the 3 way bulb lovers just using it as an exemple.)
  • It is another exemple of why we should be reticent to import alien precedent in American judicial proceedings.
  • For a regular "conservative" she is not a good exemple!!!