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What is the meaning of exceptional in Hindi?

Meaning of exceptional in Hindi is : असाधारण
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Definition of word exceptional

  • Being an exception; uncommon. (adjective)
  • Well above average; extraordinary: an exceptional memory. See Usage Note at exceptionable. (adjective)
  • Deviating widely from a norm, as of physical or mental ability: special educational provisions for exceptional children. (adjective)

Examples of word exceptional

  • Hours before the vote, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner praised what he called her "exceptional talent and broad experience."
  • His book is full of examples of what he calls "exceptional patients" who used their illness experience to give themselves permission to find their true, authentic selves and in so doing, creatively induced a type of self-healing.
  • We have got some very extreme drought conditions into the southwest but it's right here in the Southeast where we have what we call exceptional drought.
  • Suppose some strange fancy had seized upon my imagination -- that is the doctor's cant word for all phenomena which we call exceptional -- some strange fancy that
  • The German court found that enacting any data retention legislation requires a regard for what it termed the exceptional intensity of the interference with human rights that result from such measures.

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