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What is the meaning of exam in Hindi?

Meaning of exam in Hindi is : परीक्षा

Definition of word exam

  • Shortened form of examination especially when meaning test or in compound terms. (noun)

Examples of word exam

  • Take exams (weekly quizzes, and one final) Your lowest quiz score will be dropped FINAL exam will be 6 / 4 / 09, 7-9 pm ARITHMETIC Weekly quizzes-13 tests@ 10 points each = 130 points Final: 1 final exam@ 100 points = 100 points Grading system: A = 90-100\%;
  • tp,keseronokan aku xtamat d'sini..aku ade exam ag ari salase=31hb march..exam OSPE! kepade kengkwn,doakan kejayaan aku dan kte bersame yer..
  • Woofter proposed to charge $475 per tract for the title exam plus expenses; $125 for the closing and another $125 for deed preparation.
  • It never fails but they always seem to under estimate the days of interest you need to pay, the title exam never seems very close and the recording fees change so often that its not a surprise to see them messed up!
  • Raju's mother was saying, "Our boy has done well in his term exam, so as a reward, we got him updated versions of Nintendo GameBoy and X-Box."


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