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What is the meaning of exaltation in Hindi?

Meaning of exaltation in Hindi is : बुलंदी

Definition of word exaltation

  • The act of exalting or raising high; also, the state of being exalted; elevation. (noun)

Examples of word exaltation

  • James Joyce Orion, £30, Joyce prefers the word "exaltation".
  • They brayed and snorted high above him, haloed in exaltation of dominance by the cell light glare.
  • (I now have my arms spread above my head and am looking up in exaltation)
  • A knowledge of the mechanics of exaltation is required before the explaination of the true nature of New Years Eve Predictions style stuff.
  • The freedom at once from 'living's cares, that is cares of bread,' the pride of being one's own mistress and own protector, all that lifts me into a certain exaltation, 'regardless of expense.'
  • Note, (1) The doctrine of justification by works, as it generates self-exaltation, is contrary to the first principles of all true religion (Ro 4: 2; and see on [2194] Ro 3: 21-26, Note 1).
  • The characteristics of the relation of Christ and His Church are indicated, and we may suppose that the whole process of His exaltation from the declaration of His Sonship, by His resurrection, to the grand catastrophe of the final judgment, with all the collateral blessings to the Church and the world, lay before the vision of the inspired prophet.
  • And his anointing him with the oil of gladness denotes the joy that was set before him (so his exaltation is expressed, Heb.xii. 2) both in the light of his Father's countenance (Acts ii. 28) and in the success of his undertaking, which he shall see, and be satisfied, Isa. liii.
  • The ground of His exaltation is "on accoumt of His having suffered death" (Heb 2: 10; Php that he by the grace of God -- (Tit 2: 11; 3: 4).
  • After describing his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, empowered by laying on of hands to celebrate mass, he goes on that he vividly recalls the exaltation of the first months during which I had the power to say Mass.