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What is the meaning of evanescence in Hindi?

Meaning of evanescence in Hindi is :

Definition of word evanescence

  • The act or state of vanishing away; disappearance; (noun)

Examples of word evanescence

  • Yet for all the exuberance of such songs, Porter also writes poignantly about his great theme: the evanescence of human attachments and the dreams they embody.
  • Short of death, there are few things that remind one of the evanescence of life as profoundly as the realization that when loved ones go they often take with them, and forever, information they would have had at their fingertips.
  • His is a strain of conceptualist evanescence that is highly material in its rudiment - a matter of celluloid disintegrated into acrylic emulsion.
  • She wore mint-colored scrubs and had just blown a blizzard of bubbles for a crowd of Jamaican children, whose hands were raised in an effort to seize the evanescence.
  • Steps start off classical – pirouettes from fourth position – then acquire jazzy helicopter arms, or evaporate into a noodling evanescence.
  • PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE nononononononononononono evanescence would definetly be good on the soundtrack …
  • Perhaps fear of evanescence will then start to pass away.