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What is the meaning of euphorically in Hindi?

Meaning of euphorically in Hindi is :

Definition of word euphorically

  • In a euphoric manner. (adverb)

Examples of word euphorically

  • It is a strange factor of this kind of euphorically dull drunkenness ( 'Oh go on then, sod it, why not?
  • The columnist Beachcomber's "new Soviet Barracks at Stratford", the building that conservative locals called "the jam factory", although it was euphorically reviewed by architectural progressives such as Maxwell Fry, was a pretty tame animal by international standards.
  • To wit, an unappreciated bit of Jobs luck was his relegation to the sidelines just as the tech industry was euphorically creating the Internet bubble of the 1990s.
  • He crouched, kicking his legs into the air and sang euphorically.
  • Fourth place might not seem that glorious, but for a country obsessed with soccer and starved for positive role models and good news, it was reason enough to celebrate euphorically.
  • They spoke euphorically about the joy it had brought them to really know people who might otherwise have been just anonymous extras in the movie of life.
  • In fact, there is only one fatal illness, The Mildew, and if you catch that, there is nothing but The Green Room, a chamber of soothing shades that lead you comfortably, painlessly and euphorically to a place where you are no longer a burden.