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What is the meaning of euphoria in Hindi?

Meaning of euphoria in Hindi is : सुख―बोध

Definition of word euphoria

  • An excited state of joy, a good feeling, a state of intense happiness. (noun)

Examples of word euphoria

  • But the euphoria is about one year, Dychtwald says, until ...
  • The tidings of 'Change' which sent the nation in euphoria with the coming of Obama have evaporated.
  • The most technically flawless jazz singer is not necessarily the best, but Holland's Fay Claassen's virtuosity comes with a kind of built-in euphoria that demolishes resistance.
  • This British dude just said the "f" word (he was bleeped, my ears were saved), and Danny Boyle's face is frozen in euphoria behind him.
  • Recognize when they are employing "magic"::: Peaked euphoria is the fuel of dysfunction and can help you identify these "open doors" in your life.
  • And -- though the author's description of crowd euphoria is appealing and not conservative or reactionary -- some people's euphoric impulses are dangerous to themselves and others.