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What is the meaning of essay in Hindi?

Meaning of essay in Hindi is : वर्णन

Definition of word essay

  • A written composition of moderate length exploring a particular issue or subject. (noun)
  • A test, experiment; an assay. (noun)
  • An attempt. (noun)
  • To try. (verb)
  • To move forth, as into battle. (verb)

Examples of word essay

  • At its core were two pieces, the title essay and another, "The Eye Is a Part of the Mind," that offered the most sweeping argument against Greenbergian formalism.
  • In his title essay in the recent book, Race, Incarceration, and American Values, Professor Loury sounds the alarm on some of the same concerns the Children's Defense Fund has been raising when we talk about the pipeline to prison crisis.
  • Emerson recognized this connection between nature and a certain elevation of mind, and he explains it in the title essay from "Nature":
  • The title essay is written as a legal brief concerning the lawsuit of Wile E.
  • As it happens, the title essay of the book is Mr. Rybczynski's attempt to fill out with fact the "fairy tales" he heard time and again about his parents 'fathers, one a prosperous banker and patriarch in interwar Warsaw, the other a philosopher and physicist in southeastern Poland who, in time, would withdraw from active life because of his troubled involvement with a married woman.


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