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What is the meaning of espouse in Hindi?

Meaning of espouse in Hindi is : सहारा देना

Definition of word espouse

  • To become/get married to. (verb)
    से विवाह करना/होना।

Examples of word espouse

  • The solution you espouse is far, far worse than the supposed problem.
  • The stand that Pastor Hagee and Parsley espouse is not anything new or revelational as "new" or "recently".
  • And unfettered advocacy for one, as you espouse, is clearly more Orwellian.
  • It would almost be funny if it was not so pathetic and hypocritical. the fact that you leftards actually believe the dung splattered logic you espouse is a sad comment on the state of the socialist left in America.
  • Religious fascism like the sort you espouse is the latest plague!
  • As for the Conservatives, I also think it’s possible the support they espouse is based on a partisan wedge issue.
  • At one time the Republican party stood for everything that most Americans value, maybe that was before you were born, it’s really sad your too closed minded to understand that what you espouse is unAmerican.
  • In some ways, the research provides scientific evidence of what many self-help books and some religious traditions espouse, which is that being in the "here and now" is critical for happiness, Killingsworth said.