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What is the meaning of erotogenic in Hindi?

Meaning of erotogenic in Hindi is :

Definition of word erotogenic

  • That causes sexual excitement (adjective)

Examples of word erotogenic

  • A completely different chapter in sex is the question, how to reach an orgasm or in other words, what type of stimulation and what "erotogenic" zones are experienced by each woman (or man) as exciting.
  • During puberty there is subordination of the erotogenic zones to the primacy of the genital zone.
  • On the erotogenic zones Schneiderman claims that Lacan does not accept Freud's list but amends it by replacing the phallus and the genitals with the ears and the eyes.
  • The trouble is that, since Lacan rejects both a biological account of how any erotogenic zone establishes itself (passim) and also a developmental account of how one zone succeeds another (Four Fundamental Concepts, p. 64), he is prevented from making the necessary distinctions which will allow us to see unambiguously whether he agrees with his predecessors or whether he thinks of the eye and the ear as erotogenic zones in their own right.
  • More flagrantly Wollheim says that Lacan accepts the erotogenic zones Freud associated with drives.
  • There are two places where Schneiderman directly engages with what I say: about the erotogenic zones, and about the present state of Lacanian analysis.
  • Long before Lacan, Freud talked of the eye (and the skin), and Abraham talked of the ear, as possible erotogenic zones.
  • Possibly there is less direct textual support for supposing that La├žan regards the genitals as an erotogenic zone, and in attributing the view to Lacan I may have been unduly influenced by charity.
  • In contrast to masturbation, love-making involves the bodily contact of all erotogenic zones which causes in lovers ecstasy and joy.
  • "My speculation is that this could be the basis for many women saying that nipple stimulation is erotogenic, because it stimulates the same area as the genitals," Komisaruk told LiveScience.